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R4i gold 3ds or R4i gold pro, which one to buy for 3ds v9.2.0-20?

26th November 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo Not only R4i gold 3ds, but R4i gold pro are popular and hot r4 3ds card for hacking 3ds system to support free downloaded NDS games on 3ds/3ds xl/2ds/new 3ds. And They can support tons of apps, homebrew softwares and games,moreover, play videos,listen to music are both capable for these r4 3ds cards. But, which one is much better and which one should buy for 3ds latest v9.2.0-20? If you can’t make a decision, my following article can help you a lot. R4i gold 3ds is a modern slot-1 flashca... (continue reading)

R4 Card and SKY3DS flashcart which one is more worth to buy?

26th November 2014, Submitted by new3dscard.co.uk
Logo R4 Cards are old SKY3DS flashcarts and SKY3DS is a new type flashcart. Which one is better,what’s the different? which one is worth to new3dscard.co.uk ? No matter R4 3DS flashcarts or SKY3DS card,they are both the flashcart for Nintendo 3DS console. You can use them to enjoy free 3DS or DS games on the New 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/DSI/DS consoles. These flashcart has jailbreaked the 3DS system so you can do anything you want,thousands of free 3DS games,homebrews,Apps,Music,video,emulators and more.... (continue reading)

Which R4 3DS to buy for 3DS with v9.2.0-20u?

25th November 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo R4 3ds, r4 ard for 3ds/3ds xl/2ds, may be even for new 3ds and new 3ds xl/ll. What are some kinds under this title? There are most famous R4i gold 3ds, most powerful supercar dstwo, most popular r4i sdhc 3ds and other hot r4 cards. Which one is worthy for buying with 3ds on version 9.0.0-20u and where to buy the genuine r4 3ds card in US? In this article, I will share your my understanding. Which R4 3DS to buy for 3DS with v9.2.0-20u? Before buy any r4 3ds card, remember that the original r4 c... (continue reading)

Which flashcard support Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire!

24th November 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo For the famous and hot 3ds game Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, which flashcard can support? The original R4 card, powerful Gateway 3ds or New 3ds flashcard Sky3ds and r5sdhc? The answer is given in details below. Can R4 3ds card support Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire? I'm sorry, but all the r4 card except r4i gold deluxe edition are only ds game supported. You can use the r4 card like r4i gold 3ds, r4i sdhc 3ds, supercard dstwo and others play all new and old d... (continue reading)

Where To Buy Supercard DSTwo To Play GBA/SNES games On 3DS V9.2.0-20 In US ?

24th November 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo Which is the best GBA/SNES Emulator for 3DS V9.2.0-20 ? I will recommend you the supercard dstwo without any hesitate. Many people has experienced the supercard dstwo, and the dstwo has got many good reviews from the flashcart users. If you are interest in GBA or SNES games, supercard dstwo is the best choice. Supercard dstwo is alway to be the unique GBA/SNES Emulator, it support most of GBA/SNES games, Besides it supports all ds games as well, it is the most expensive ds flashcart due to it... (continue reading)

How to choose the best 2015 R4isdhc card for 3ds/3ds xl?

22nd November 2014, Submitted by new3dscard.co.uk
Logo New version of R4isdhc cards is coming for us now. They are the newest 2015 R4isdhc series. Compared with 2014 r4isdhc, we don’t find any major differences. But it ‘s easy for us to know the overall performance and some little bugs must be improved. So, which r4isdhc card should we buy in the upcoming 2015,following is my suggestion.R4isdhc silver rts liteR4i SDHC-SILVER RTS card called R4isdhc silver rts lite as well is a great R4isdhc card from r4isdhc.com. This card is working dir... (continue reading)

Which 3ds flashcart can support running 3ds games on N3DS V9.2.0-20?

22nd November 2014, Submitted by new3dscard.co.uk
Logo Currently,there are some cards can support running 3ds games on N3DS latest system firmware,they areSky3ds, R5sdhc, K3DSGateway 3ds (Gateway 3ds has been confirmed can support running 3ds games on N3DS V4.5+. The official team said they will release this news soon., so pls dont hurry up your console till more news released)2. Just take easy. The flashcard will not brick or damage your console, but just assure to buy real cards and follow the right operation.3.If you need, here is my recommendati... (continue reading)

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