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Where to Buy the Supercard dstwo or R4i gold 3ds for Playing free NDS Games

27th August 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo   The Supercard dstwo and the r4i gold 3ds can directly support any 3ds/3ds xl/new 3ds/3ds xl/dsi/ds/dsl firmware, including the latest 9.9.0-26. They support almost 5000+ nds games, listening to music, watching movies, playing snes,gba games. Buy one card you can always enjoy!  R4i gold 3ds R4i gold 3ds is known as his good games compatibility, supporting 5000 games and his cheaper price, $16.63 available, but good quality. What more, r4i gold 3ds is compatible with Latest DS Game,... (continue reading)

Amiiqo New Price and Bonus Bundle Details

25th August 2015, Submitted by Playmods
Logo We have great news for all Amiiqo fans and users today. Past, present and future users! First, a warm thanks to all for your support, Amiiqo launch has been a tremendous success and it means that our second much larger production batch is on its way. But more importantly this means we are able to drop the Amiiqo suggested retail price to $49.95, our originally intended pricing, once the initial startup/tooling costs could be guaranteed. Thanks to you guys, it was reached much faster than e... (continue reading)

Buy Amiiqo from USA reseller

19th August 2015, Submitted by 3DSGamerWorld USA,UK Seller
Logo A device that allows players to store their amiibo collection's data on a single disc is likely to attract attention from Nintendo, especially as it comes pre-loaded with data for 10 figurines. As first noticed by Eurogamer, the amiiqo is currently taking pre-orders in the USA for $85.00 currently). It will begin shipping on Friday. The Amiiqo also requires an Android device with near-field communication compatibility to operate. The product description says it comes with 10 figu... (continue reading)

Announcing Amiiqo USB to NFC Reader/Writer

17th August 2015, Submitted by Playmods
Logo We at Amiiqo inc. are dedicated to updating and improving our product. Many of our Amiiqo users have sent us feedback and we thank you for that. They help us with new ideas or simply give us motivation to quickly develop a new feature faster. Probably the most requested feature was from people who do not possess a NFC compatible Android phone. We have prioritized this development area and we are happy to announce our upcoming : Amiiqo USB to NFC reader writer ! The device ... (continue reading)

USA Local Seller - New3DSCard.com - SuperCard DSTwo, EZ-Flash IV, Sky3DS, Gateway 3DS

15th August 2015, Submitted by New3DSCard.com- SKY3DS,Gateway 3DS, R4i USA Local Seller
Logo Are you finding are a reliable USA local seller?Please check at New3DSCard.com,We are local in California USA, same day fast shipping by USPS with trackingNo,no taxes, don't need long time waiting!To Run NDS roms :R4i Gold 3DS recommned!To Run NDS&GBA roms:SuperCard DSTwo RecommendTo Run GBA Roms:EZ-flash IV recommend To Run 3DS&NDS roms on V4.1-V9.2.x 3DS/New 3DS consles:Gateway 3DS recommendTo run 3DS roms on V9.x-V9.9.x 3DS /New3DS consoles:SKY3DS recommend Another Amiiqo You can f... (continue reading)

Amiibo backup tool- Amiiqo is available now

7th August 2015, Submitted by 3DSGamerWorld USA,UK Seller
Logo Amiiqo  is a NFC toy emulator currently supporting ALL existing Amiibo figurines, including some special unreleased ones. It comes preloaded with 10 demo figurines (5 unreleased) and has the capacity to store up to 200 of them. How does it work: With  our supplied Android app, you can transfer onto your Amiiqo any Amiibo image you possess. Wether it comes from your personal backup, from a friend or even if its an image downloaded on the internet. The  image can be from a &lsqu... (continue reading)

Buy Best 3DS Muti-Game Cart SKY3DS

6th August 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo SKY3DS as the first and only 3ds flashcard support directly 2ds/3ds/new 3ds 9.9.0-26 or below. As one Nintendo 3ds game card, it can support over 400 3ds games and you can play over 30 games in one SKY3DS without changing the card. What the Muti-Game card can do for you?   Support Any 3DS console. New3DS(LL),3DS(XL,LL),2DS,any region, any firmware (inlucde,9.6.0,9.5.0) Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support. Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard(with ... (continue reading)

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