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New 3DS update still can't block SuperCard Dstwo working directly for 3DS 8.1.0-18

25th July 2014, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo We known the nintendo has updated 3ds/3dsxl/2ds to newest firmware v8.1.0-18 today ,however, this update confirmed no work for blocking ds flashcarts such as Supercard DSTWO, R4i gold 3DS...Supercad DSTwo is the most popular DS flashcad for 3DS Ver.8.1.0-18 & DSi 1.45 in the world, which as built-in GBA & SNES Emulator, it can allow you play GBA & SNES games on DSi, DSiLL/XL, 3DS,3DSXL,2DS.The price only $39.92!! Buy cheap 3ds flashcart from USAHotStuff.com - The USA local based... (continue reading)

Eachmall - Give Likes for Big Discount here

25th July 2014, Submitted by Eachgame.com(eachmall.me)
Logo   Calling all Eachmall Facebook fans! From July 25 – August 25, Eachmall will present 16 products on our website as a part of special promotion. Each product has a different Like number requirement. Fans can  any product and Eachmall will lower the prices on the items meeting the Like requirements. In addition, the product that gets the most Likes, will be given away for free. And 5 winners will be selected at random from those who shared the product. The winners will be annou... (continue reading)

Newest Gateway 3DS Stocks Arrived - New orders with Gift!

25th July 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo Dear All,Gateway 3DS cards have shortage from many days, almost all sellers stocks are sold out .Today, 25th July, Gateway Team released newest stocks, the new stocks just arrive BestR4i3DS.com.We will test the new gateway 3DS card one by one , can ship out all pre-orders today.But the pre-orders from our USA warehouse , will wait another week.Buy Gateway 3DS , the best 3DS model flashcarts from professional reseller - BestR4i3DS.com, fast shipping from Singapore and USA local, Cheap price and ... (continue reading)

Eachmall 6 Anniversary is Waiting for You

24th July 2014, Submitted by Eachgame.com(eachmall.me)
Logo   To celebrate the 6th birthday of Eachmall, we’ve prepared a fantastic array of promotions including $0 deals, coupons giveaway, free order, etc. Never miss out. To celebrate the 6th birthday of Eachmall, we’ve prepared a fantastic array of promotions including $0 deals, coupons giveaway, free order, etc. Never miss out. http://www.eachmall.com/deals/6_anniversary_celebrations/    

Only US$43.5! R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe - Most Cost Efficient 3DS FlashCarts

23rd July 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo As you known the R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe supported by the famous R4i Gold Team. Their NDS model card R4i Gold 3DS is one of the most popular flashcarts for 3DS, DSi, NDS.The R4i Gold 3DS deluxe version is the professional 3DS model flashcarts. Which can run 3DS roms/games on V4.1-V4.5 , same as Gateway 3DS and MT Card 3DS.Before , R4i Gold 3DS deluxe can''t support multi-roms, it is a little pity.But on the last V4.02B2 fimeare update, R4i 3DS Deluxe can also support mult-roms like gateway 3DS and ... (continue reading)

E3 Nor Flasher downgrade PS3 100% solderless

22nd July 2014, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo   For ps3- console e3 flasher/e3 nor flasher/e3 E3 flasher is a new item released by E3 team, you can use it to downgrade P3 V3.7 to V3.55,and you also can play P-S-N at any time you want(just use the e3 flasher to do a easy swith job). As is known to us all, If your  PS3 system  version between 3.55 and 4.5, it is right that you must buy the buy original game disc to play games. But with E3 flasher, you can downgrade your PS3 to V3.55 and then play games from your external or i... (continue reading)

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition Supporting MutiRom Cheapest 3DS Flashcard Now!

17th July 2014, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition starter supports MutiRom with the firmware 4.0b2 now!! R4ids.cn released the firmware 4.0b2 now that no doubt it is good news for 3ds games users. The days when we have to use the Win32 Disk Imager to download the 3ds games one time one games went away forever and now you can drop many games into the SD card each time (just copy is ok), then as the previous steps you can choose the wanted games by just clicking the select button.    The r4i gold deluxe is ... (continue reading)

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