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R4I SDHC RTS 3DS kernel updated to V1.83b

19th January 2016, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo R4 3DS V1.83b was released out just now and also supporting directly for newest 3DS/NEW3DS 10.4.0-29, if you are the user of R4I SDHC RTS 3DS card, you should update its kernel to the latest version 1.83b. The old one may lead to problems of the card, so stop to use from now on. Accodring to the site, R4 3ds v1.83b kernel supports more Nintendo DS Games on N3DS, 3DS,2DS and DS consoles as the following list shows. And always remember R4I-SDHC 3DS card is thebest R4 3DS, it su... (continue reading)

Where to buy new Sky3DS+ plus in USA?

2nd January 2016, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo   The new sky3ds+ plus card is the second-generation product from sky3ds team. Their formal blue sky3ds card can’t play newest 3ds games with AP checks and with some other cons, so they release the newest item-SKY3DS+ or SKY3DS PLUS. It is in the pre-order state, though the official team says it is already been launched, the cards are just close to formal release not the real available for now. But, don’t be so urgent! Your patient waiting can let you have the best 3ds flashcar... (continue reading)

QQ3DS Pro officially released !

26th December 2015, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo We are pleasant to launch QQ3DS PRO! Today , QQ3DS team officially released QQ3DS pro on 2015 Christmas day !Then, what changes with this release? 6 new featues, making you know QQ3DS PRO better! QQ3DS PRO is based on the previous generation QQ3DS , a brand new developed high-tech revolution product, built-in upgradeable chips, faster and stronger gaming experience. With QQ3DS PRO, you can more simply enjoy ANY top 3DS games and DS games on New 3DS/XL/LL,2DS,3DS/XL/LL V10.3.0-28! &n... (continue reading)

How to use new Sky3DS+ / Sky3DS plus?

16th December 2015, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo This is the Sky3ds Plus (Sky3DS+) user instructions: How to use new sky3ds+ to Play 3DS games?1. Format your microSD card to FAT32 in Windows,and copy the roms into it directly, no diskwriter tool required any more. 2. Download the newest gamelist.bin (like a template file used by the old sky3DS card, will keep it updated constantly for new games later) from sky3DS.com, copy it into the root of your microSD card. 3. Enjoy your games, switch games by pressing the orange button back and for... (continue reading)

New Sky3DS+ (SKY3DS Plus V2) is released now!!

9th December 2015, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo New SKY3DS Plus (Sky3DS+) is releasing now! Sky3ds Plus (Sky3DS+) card is used for playing 3ds games on new 3ds(XL/LL) /3DS(XL/LL)/2DS consoles,copy&play,  firmware updatable and no game limit ! Sky3ds+ can work on the latest 3ds system firmware V10.3.0-28 and all the lower versions. Sky3ds Plus (Sky3DS+) included all the features of Sky3DS. >>Watch the Sky3ds Plus (Sky3DS+) video here<< Great news! Sky3DS team are proud to announce that their 2nd generation pr... (continue reading)

Supercard DSTWO PLUS coming with Halloween 2015

1st November 2015, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo Halloween 2015 is  coming now and we thought it would be fun to celebrate by buying a brand new Supercard DSTWO+ edition flash card to enjoy with such speical holiday! DSTWO PLUS Main features:1, Real-time function: The upgraded new generation for real time save data. Real time strategy for format txt, bmp, jpg. And the real time gold finger cheat function.It's much more stable functioned, easier and convenient to use and the gold finger has good compatibility with R4 and TT.2, Support... (continue reading)

Where to buy supercard dstwo plus?

27th October 2015, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo Supercard DSTWO Plus DSTWO PLUS is based on the Supercard DSTWO, and provide a super plug in.it can support 3DS game now. It’s the only flash cart support 3DS, DS, GBA and SNES game in the world. DSTWO PLUS--- One flash cart for All. New DSTWO Plus Hardware DSTWO PLUS powerful onboard CPU and 32MB running RAM allows for built-in support of Game Boy Advance (GBA) and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games and other amazing realtime features that are available during... (continue reading)

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