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Best Buy 2-Day Featuring 3DS/DS Game Live

17th April 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo Shop top 2 cards featuring playing 3ds games or ds games for new 3ds/LL/ 3DS /DSi/DS! Dwtechz.com based USA official reseller plan the activity for 2 days discount. SKY3DS + R4i gold 3ds, $92.5 available, free shipping!  Shop 2 cards enjoy any games no matter top 3ds games or classic ds games as you like.   What's the advantage of R4i SDHC 3DS RTS What's the advantage of SKY3DS? • Support unlimited 3DS Games with world cheapest price $75.90, while genuine 3ds card costs $20 t... (continue reading)

"Exclusive game - Xenoblade Chronicles" works with sky3DS on New3DS

7th April 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo   One of best latest gen JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles released, today we finally got the dumps  and tested that  SKY3DS works like a a charm  on New 3ds 9.6.0-24, the  X-C games becoming  exclusive SKY3DS on New3DS. GW can not support N3ds  and neither Xenoblade Chronicles games. "Xenoblade Chronicles" will only works on NEW 3DS but  SKY3DS is the must cart to buy, no matter what your console firmware is because sky3ds works well both on 3ds/xl /new 3ds/l... (continue reading)

GBA Flashcard 2015 EZ-FLASH Ⅳ

6th April 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo Do you want to move your Pokemon Emerald save or Mother 3 to your actual Gameboy console, slot -2 of a DS and DS Lite console? Do you want to keep Gameboy Micro with EZ-FLASH Ⅳ in your pocket at all times with your entire GBA library with you?  Buy EZ-FLASH Ⅳ,you are able to play GBA games and applications downloaded from the Internet and play Nintendo ds games with a slot 1 flash card help.   The EZ-FLASH IV is the best route to play GBA games. 2015 new version EZ-FLASH Ⅳ uses... (continue reading)

Fast USPS shipping ! Buy cheap New 3DS Flashcart Sky3DS,QQ3DS from USA Official Reseller

1st April 2015, Submitted by New3DSFlashcart.com US based flashcart reseller
Logo Nintendo 3DS firmware V9.6.0-24 released a week ago, we tested those new 3DS flashcart R4i gold 3DS , DStwo , ACE3DS PLUS, R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS,   R4i gold pro , R4i shdc dual core ,R4i sdhc sliver card  Sky3DS  AND QQ3DS can directly supports  the newest New 3DS/2DS/3DS V9.6.0-24 , without any patch updating needed!

DSTWO + UPComing on May 18th

1st April 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo It is a remour that supercard dstwo + will come on May 18th with 2 cards. One is to play nds games, the other is to play 3ds games. Maybe it is April 1st, some guys fool us but we are willing to believe in him. Because we have prepared well our new 3ds/LL and 2* 32 G Micro chips if possible for dstwo+ coming. If i can get one dstwo+, i can freely enjoy whatever my like, GBA GAMES, Old Nds GAMES, 3DS Games. Awesome! Please together  wait for dstwo+ with us www.dwtechz.com, the first shop to ... (continue reading)


31st March 2015, Submitted by New3DSFlashcart.com US based flashcart reseller
Logo The EZ Flash IV have arrvied at New3DSFlashcart.com USA warehouse and we offer the special price as low as $39.99 ! Hurry to order for your GBA/GBA SP/DSL/DS ! As it is the only GBA card in the world and the quality is very limited. View more details from new3dsflashcart

Premier Ace3DS Plus for 3DS 1.0~9.6

27th March 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo   Trouble in finding a right nds card? Got ACE3DS PLUS.  Because firstly it works perfectly on 3ds 1.0~9.6/DSi v1.4.5 with well known wood firmware. Secondly features several built-in emulators including FC、SFC、ATARI、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO, play different games. Morever, support wifi play, AR cheat, Moonshell ect. The Last not the least, $9.99 available . Shoot one for playing NDS games no matter your console is 3DSLL(XL)/3DS/DSILL(XL)/DSI/DSL/DS.   Buy ACE3DS Plus from... (continue reading)

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