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23rd January 2015, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo Today we present Gateway ULTRA 3.0.3 which fixes region detection for the Taiwan region.Previously the TWN region was erroneously detected as CHN (iQue), and it was accepting the CHN dgpack while it should only accept the TWN dgpack.As we mentioned before we want to caution users using the downgrade feature: it is a dangerous operation as it will write to sysnand and if something goes wrong it may brick your 3DS.We currently recommend that ONLY USERS WITH A NAND MOD try this, and report back any... (continue reading)

SKY3DS New Package with No game Limit and Region Free

23rd January 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo SKY3DS is the first 3ds card for working on 3ds/2ds/New 3ds 9.4.0-21E/U/J, featuring the no game limit and region limit cracked. Yes,  it supports mutigames that allow you to play 3ds games as many as you want in one Micro SD card and play the muti region games. New package has changed when the sky3ds makes another milestone and please ensure that you will buy the latest SKY3DS by this new stickers and the blue button.

[Instock] QQ3DS Region Free available and playing 3DS/DS games freely!

21st January 2015, Submitted by USA Hot Stuff - USA In Stock
Logo QQ3DS Region free for 2DS/3DS/3DSXL 9.X is available!! QQ3DS is the world first 3ds Dual-mode flashcard to support playing both 3DS and DS games to compatible with the latest 3DS FW9.4.0-21 , bring with more personalized gaming experiences, no game limit, enable you to play ALL 3DS and DS games on ANY version of 3DS /3DSXL/ 2DS / New 3DS/LL. QQ3DS flashcard has in stock now in our USA warehouse! Buy original QQ3DS from USA official reseller from USAHotStuff. 

Sky3DS Rev.2 (Blue Button)

19th January 2015, Submitted by new3dscard.co.uk
Logo The original Sky3DS was an unexpected competitor to the previously unmatched Gateway flash kit, however it used a much different approach towards launching backups. Rather than using a particular exploit in the system, the Sky3DS team opted for attempting to emulate the behaviour of an original 3DS cartridge, thus gaining compatibility on all 3DS firmwares. This came with its shortcomings such as no built-in menu, no native homebrew support, no EmuNAND, no region unlocking and, perhaps most impo... (continue reading)

[Confirmed] SKY3DS Region Free

19th January 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo 3DS users, SKY3DS Region free! SKY3DS team released the news that it is confirmed that SKY3DS works perfectly with region free loader: Regionthree on 3ds/2ds 9.0~9.4 for region free! The breaking news rolls out after the sky3ds breaking the 10 games limit. Now 3ds users can play any legit cart game regardless the region of the console and the roms version and you can play as many as you want games in one Micro SD card!  As for the details about FAQs, videos, how to use, you can go to gbat... (continue reading)

sky3ds and gateway 3ds which is worth buy?

16th January 2015, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo This Sky3ds is a new 3ds flashcart released by sky3ds team. Sky3ds card is used for playing 3ds games on 3ds and 3ds xl consoles, and it can work on the latest 3ds system firmware V9.4.0-21 and all the lower versions. It also work on all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles. It also supports multi 3ds roms to allow our users play lots of 3ds games at one time. Sky3ds supports all latest 3ds games,eshop games or online games. Sky3DS Features: 1. Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support. ... (continue reading)

Gateway 3DS Support 3DS ver 9.2 to 4.1

16th January 2015, Submitted by DWTechz.com
Logo Cool!Gateway 3ds can support 3ds ver 9.2.0, from 3ds ver 4.1 all the way up to 9.2.0 with  the firmware gateway ultra 3.0.   Now Gateway 3ds ultra 3.0 features, - support ALL 3DS/2DS/3DS XL consoles on sysnand firmware starting from 4.5 and all the way up to 9.2! – DOWNGRADING your 4.5+ console back to 4.5! – RESTORING a NAND dump back to sysnand! -  MutiROM, No game region limit – and a surprise feature that will be announced in the next update! - suppor... (continue reading)

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