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Pourquoi r4i sdhc 3ds rts est le meilleur linker pour nintendo 3DS /2DS /DS /DSi /DS Lite ?

30th September 2014, Submitted by r4sdhc3ds
Logo 2014 r4i sdhc 3ds est un linker de plus en plus populaire ! Pourquoi ? Cette r4 carte est connue par leur RTS fonction, et elle n'est pas chère du tout sur le marché de linkers !  C'est quoi est RTS ? Real-time save Real-time save permet de sauvegarder votre partie automatiquement et à n'importe quel moment. Si votre console Nintendo s'arrete en cours de jeu, votre partie aura été préalablement sauvegardé. Vos sauvegarde RTS peuvent &eacut... (continue reading)

Whether r4 3ds card is good for nintendo console?

30th September 2014, Submitted by REV3DS
Logo Since the invention of flashcarts, nintendo players are mostly benefit from it. They can play different games with one single and cheaper card, not with the retail game cards Flashcarts not only save our money but save our time too. But there are nintndo users still feel doubt on the r4 3ds cards. Is it save to use r4 3ds cards on nintendo console and How R4 3DS cards Enhances our Nintendo Experience? Here i will answer the questions in details. Firstly, r4 3ds do not harm your 2ds/3ds/dsi... (continue reading)

Pourquoi r4i gold 3ds est le meilleur linker pour nintendo 3DS (xl) v8.1.0-19 ?

30th September 2014, Submitted by r4sdhc3ds
Logo Maintenant r4i gold 3ds est chaud sur le marché ! C'est un des plus vendu r4 carte dans r4sdhc3ds.com. Mais pourquoi il est populaire ? Pourquoi il est le meilleur pour nintendo console 3DS /2DS /DS /DSi / DSl ? Voici notre reponse!   Pour la carte il sort très regulièrement les mises à jour de logiciels. C’est pourquoi cette carte supporte chaque rom!    R4 gold, il sort très regulièrement les mises à jour de logiciels. ... (continue reading)

Buy Gateway 3DS Card Play Newest V8.1.0-19 3DS Games

30th September 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo Gateway 3DS is the first 3DS model flashcarts, which allow you play free download 3DS games on 3DS. With the newest "OMEGA" 2.3b firmware, gateway 3ds card can let you play newest V8.1.0-19 games on low version V4.1-V4.5 3DS consoles. The quicky update, great functions, let gateway 3ds become the NO.1 3DS model flashcarts all the time.Gateway 3DS main features: Multi-rom support In Menu OSD title selection exFat & Fat32 support NAND based rom support Game cart backup On board... (continue reading)

Acheter r4i gold 3ds ou r4i gold deluxe édition en français pour nintendo 3DS (xl ) ?

29th September 2014, Submitted by r4sdhc3ds
Logo   Beaucoup de cartes R4i Gold sur le marché nous a toujours confondus et parmi eux il ya 2 pays chauds, je vais les comparer dans l'article suivant. Ils sont R4i bois 3ds or et R4i édition de luxe de l'or. Une chose intéressante est que les deux les deux cartes sont de la même www.r4ids.cn officielle de l'équipe.  Beaucoup de R4i Gold cartes sur le marché, nous a toujours confondus et parmi eux. il y a 2 tout chauds sur le march&eacu... (continue reading)

Is it worthy to buy r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition for 3DS or 3DSXL?

29th September 2014, Submitted by REV3DS
Logo Somedays ago, r4ids.cn team released a updated news in their official website that r4i gold 3ds deluxe firmware v4.0b2 was out. The new firmware come with v7.1 emulator as well. That’s to say, by using v7.1 emulator,users can play 7.1 3ds games on N3DS/3DSXL V4.5 or lower version. This is abosolutely a good news for our users. Following is the original post i quotated from official site - Change Log: 1.Support Multi-ROM2.Support FAT32&exFAT 3.Support up to 32... (continue reading)

Is there a 3ds flashcart that can play animal crossing or online games on the 3DS XL?

29th September 2014, Submitted by REV3DS
Logo Some customer in my site ask me this questinon "can I play Animal crossing new leaf online on the 3DS XL with a 3ds flashcart?" And here is my answer Just as we knew, Animal Crossing is a latest 3ds games, that’s mean, if you want play this games, there are 2 things you should know first. 1.) Your N3DS/XL firmware version stayed on v4.1-4.5 ,if you dont know what the console firmware version is,you can check it from home menu” system setting ” . 2.) You need a 3ds game card... (continue reading)

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