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How to setup gateway omega 2.3 for 8.x emunand?

27th August 2014, Submitted by DSGamerWorld
Logo   Installation tutorial of Gateway 3DS linker . Latest 3DS games launch and eShop access are possible only with OMEGA v2.3 update, via EmuNAND 8.1.0-18E/U/J. Go To Gateway 3DS Prerequisites: - Gateway 3DS linker (blue card + red card) - Nintendo 3DS/3DS™ XL console with 4.1.0 minimum <-> 4.5.0 maximum firmware - SD/SDHC memory card with 2GB minimum capacity - Original MicroSD/SDHC™ memory card with 128GB maximum capacity - GW OMEGA v2.3 update Preamble: The foll... (continue reading)

R4i Gold 3DS No.1 Hot Selling R4i 3DS Card for All Firmware 3DS DSi NDSL

26th August 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo R4i is a very old but popular flashcart name. from the oldest and original R4DS,then R4 SDHC, then R4i SDHC to the currently R4i 3DS.There are many kinds of R4i 3DS cards onsale, but the most popular R4i 3DS card is - R4i Gold 3DS, which supports all Nintendo Handheld consoles directly(NDS, NDS Lite, NDSi, NDSi XL/LL, 2DS, 3DS XL/LL), And supports all firmware version of all consoels too, even you updated to the latest V8.1.0-19,The R4i Gold 3DS card can work perfect out of the box.Buy best r4i... (continue reading)

Tutorial: With Moonshell to Play Music, Watch Movie and Read E-book on R4i Gold Pro 2014 Flashcard!

26th August 2014, Submitted by DSGamerWorld
Logo   R4i gold pro is a flashcard with multiple functions such as RTS, Cheat and multimedia! It has similar features like r4i sdhc 3ds card! On new version of r4i gold pro 2014 card, multimedia is integrated in the system. You can put movie, e-book and music in micro card directly and enjoy them anytime and anywhere! If you want to use multimedia function with r4i gold pro 2014 card, please refer to this tutorial! I will show you the details about how to install moonshell on r4i gold pro 2014... (continue reading)

Gateway 3ds Card for Big Discount in Eachmall

26th August 2014, Submitted by Eachgame.com(eachmall.me)
Logo   First --> 【US$59.22 】GATEWAY Flash Card for 3DS 4.10-4.50 Consoles Special Offer Free Shipping http://www.eachmall.me/goods-30962-30962.html The only flash card for 3DSPlay backup 3DS ROMS with GATEWAY 3DSSupports all 3DS ROMs to date Works on 3DS 4.10-4.50 consoles onlyThe GATEWAY 3DS TEAM proudly presents the first ever video proof that many thought impossible. Below we show an unedited video of the device booting 3 different backed up 3DS ROMS consecutively which are ... (continue reading)

EZ-Flash IV EZ4 Best Slot-2 GBA Card for GBA NDS NDSL

26th August 2014, Submitted by www.BestR4i3DS.com
Logo The EZ-Flash IV is a powerful cartridge that allows you to relive the amazing experience of your favorite GBA classics. With the EZ-Flash IV, you will be able to play games in the best conditions thanks to its perfect GBA game compatibility and its simplicity of use. You will also be able to enjoy NDS games if you own a "passme" device or have flashed your DS firmware with the latest "flashme". Making use of a miniSD card, it allows for a total storage space up to 2 gigabytes. It is compa... (continue reading)

Gateway 3DS OMEGA 2.3B will be published soon!

25th August 2014, Submitted by DSGamerWorld
Logo News from gateway official team, they have open omega 2.3 beta to testers, and they will publish this new firmware soon!   Official words:   Today we are very proud to present Gateway firmware OMEGA 2.3b BETA to our beta testers! For this update we focused on bringing support back for recent games and applications that use the new encryption method that was introduced in System Firmware 7.x and higher. It took us a while before it was ready, but here we are today. We always delive... (continue reading)

Gateway firmware OMEGA 2.3b BETA has beent sent to beta testers. New features and applications will be published.

25th August 2014, Submitted by www.3dsvip.com
Logo According to the latest news of Gateway 3ds official team, Gateway 3DS PRIVATE BETA 2.3b has been sent out and will be released soon. This new firmware mainly focous on bringing support back for recent games and applications. in this applications, new encryption method was introduced and adopted in System Firmware 7.x and higher.gateway is happy to assure that this update will bring game compatibility back to 100% and theywant to keep it that way! The new firmware is being tested by most p... (continue reading)

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