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Dingoo A320 Console

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Dingoo A320 Console Description

The Dingoo A320 Handheld Game Console is an affordable all-in-one portable gaming handheld and media player. Supports a large variety of music and video formats, as well as open homebrew game development and emulation, making this the definitive portable multimedia gaming device. The system also features Linux support, an on-board radio, and comes in both black and white.

Make sure to check out its awesome specifications and features by clicking on the "Features" tab just above!

NOTE: we are aware of the existence of the HK series which shows obvious manufacturing defects, the Dingoo's that we are selling are 100% guaranteed to be non-HK!

Dingoo A320 Console Information

USB 2.0 compatible:
Comes with:
AC adapter, composite AV cable

Dingoo A320 Console Features

When updated with its latest firmware, the Dingoo A320 offers the following functionality:

  • Included emulator functionality: Game Boy Advance, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Neo Geo, CPS1 & CPS2 (arcade machines).
  • Homebrew emulator support: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, MSX, Neo Geo Pocket, PC Engine, Sega Master System, Game Gear, WonderSwan Color &, Odyssey ², ColecoVision, and MAME (arcade systems).
  • Video format support for RMVB, RM, AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, ASF, MOV, codecs WMV1, WMV3, WMV7, WMV8.1, WMV9, MP42, mp4v, DIV3, DivX5, XviD, MJPG, MPEG1, and MPEG2. Playing flash (SWF files) is also supported.
  • Audio format support for MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, RA, and AC3.
  • Built-in digital FM radio tuner capabilities.
  • Functional audio recorder via built-in mic. Supports digital recording of voice (MP3 and WMA formats) and FM radio.
  • Compatible with all operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.
  • Linux can be installed onto the device, offering expanded possibilities such as improved emulator, application, and multimedia support.
  • USB 2.0 compatible.

Technical specifications:

  • CPU Ingenic JZ4732 @ 336MHz, underclocked from 400MHz (MIPS architecture).
  • RAM 32MB at 133MHz.
  • Internal storage 1/2/4GB flash.
  • Additional storage with MiniSD/SDHC adapter.
  • Input D-pad, 2 shoulder, 4 face, Start & Select buttons, Mic.
  • Stereo speaker output, headphone jack & TV-out with included cable.
  • I/O USB 2.0.
  • Display 2.8" LCD, 320x240 resolution, 16M colors.
  • Battery 3.7V 1700 mAH (6.29WH) Li-Ion, approx. 7 hours run time.
  • Dimensions 125 × 55.5 × 14mm) / (4.92in x 2.17in x 0.59in).
  • Weight 3.8 oz (110g).

Dingoo A320 Console Reviews

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Customer Reviews

  1. Video Review by Ashens

    Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2010


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  2. Do-it-all Product With a Few Kinks

    Posted by Reimu on 7th Apr 2010

    I have owned a Dingoo A320 for about 6 months now and have been very happy with it. The native firmware will play most emulated games well but don't expect perfection. There are a few games (maybe 1 in 100) that don't work at all or have glitches. If you are a real computer-y type you can also install the Dingoo version of linux (dingux) for more applications and better ROM compatibility.

    Because of the nice small size of most classic ROMs I could fit almost every single one onto the internal storage. It is very nice to have extra storage for games and media but be careful about the larger size MicroSD cards. I have heard that people have had trouble with slower (class 2) 16gb cards. I have no trouble with my class 4 16gb card. Buying a MicroSD to MiniSD adapter in stores can be a pain so I would recommend buying one at ShopTemp.

    The thing I love about the Dingoo the most is it's ability to play video. I have never had an .avi video not play on the Dingoo. I have also tried .mp4 with great success. No converting necessary, just plop the video on the SD card and go. You can also plug the Dingoo into a TV and watch video or play games on your TV (no multiplayer support though). It's small enough to fit in your pocket and unlike an iPod there is no time-wasting video conversions to do.

    The Dingoo A320 also has a great homebrew community that constantly release new applications and updates to the native OS and Dingux.

    Although I would strongly recommend this product I warn people with little to no computer skills, the device isn't perfect and requires a bit of fiddling with the OS (installing Dingux, etc.) to really reach its full potential. If you just want it as a media player and to play a few games here and there, go for it, you won't need to mess with the OS to do that.

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