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EZ 3-in-1 Extension Kit

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EZ 3-in-1 Extension Kit Description

The EZ 3-in-1 Extension Kit for Nintendo DS Lite is a useful slot-2 flash cart solution that allows you to play Game Boy Advance games, and acts as both a DS to GBA linker and rumble expansion pak. At a high value this makes the perfect companion piece to any DS slot-1 flash cart order.

The EZ 3-in-1 also has expansion memory that is found in the official Nintendo DS memory expansion cart that allows you to use the Opera DS browser, and increase memory allocation for any other application that supports it.

Note: this is not the "plus" version.

Compatible with original Nintendo DS Compatible with Nintendo DS Lite Incompatible with regular Nintendo DSi Incompatible with Nintendo DSi XL

EZ 3-in-1 Extension Kit Features

  • 512Mbit of onboard flash memory, 2Mbit SRAM and an internal clock battery make it compatible with almost every GBA game available.
  • The data will remain on the cart after powering off.
  • This product is a companion to the EZ Flash V but can be used with a large number of other flash carts.
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone GBA cart.
  • A useful GBA/NDS linker solution.
  • With expansion memory the same that is found in the official Nintendo DS memory expansion cart, this is compatible with the Opera browser for Nintendo DS.
  • Works perfectly with all Nintendo DS rumble enabled games, with three different levels of vibration feedback, you can adjust it to your liking.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Works beautifully.

    Posted by Kikirini on 24th Aug 2011

    If you don't have the EZ flash cart that this is supposed to go with, it can take a little googling to get the right software to run this. But once you find it, you're golden.

    All of my GBA roms, including the Pokemon games, worked perfectly on this. Saving was simple, and I was even able to set up one of my games to show up automatically in the DS menu.
    This item is great!

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  2. Works as expected

    Posted by bakageta on 8th Aug 2010

    This product sticks out of a DS Lite system by a very small amount, somewhere under 1mm. At a glance, it looks fine, but if you run your finger along the edge it's very noticeable. It only comes in black or white, meaning it's not going to match quite a few systems. The cart itself feels flimsy, with the plastic easily bent.

    As for features, it works exactly like I'd expect. I'm pairing it with an Acekard 2i, which has native support. The rumble on low is fine for normal use, higher settings are a bit intense. GBA games can be flashed to NOR, allowing the system to see them like any real GBA cart, and allowing DS games that detect a certain GBA game to work.

    There's no RTC support, so games that rely on the clock will generally complain. I've had no issues with save support, including the Pokemon titles, unlike another reviewer.

    The memory expansion worked perfectly with the DS Browser, so no complaints there.

    I took a star off for the cheap feel and improper fit, but if you're looking for GBA games on your DS Lite, this is the best solution out there.

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  3. Must have

    Posted by Mario92 on 1st Aug 2010

    Be able to play GBA roms, play games with rumble support and use extra ram with softwares with cheap little card! Gives some use for that unused GBA slot.

    Only minus is that there are only 2 colors and neither match DS color.

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  4. Substandard at best.

    Posted by SixtySixHundred on 27th Jun 2010

    The EZ 3in1 Expansion claims to be a lot of things, when in fact, it is just a rumble pack.

    Yeah, it has memory for holding and playing GBA ROMs and while it will play them, it will not save games. The Pokemon games are unplayable, Mother 3 is unplayable and basically all the games you want it to play will have save issues.

    There are some who claim 'SRAM' patching games which use the 256Kbit and 512Kbit save type will work, but I have tried and tried and all I ever get is 'The save file was deleted' or 'Save Corrupted' error messages when I load games. Either that or it ignores what save files I have completely!

    The ONLY interesting thing about this cart is the rumble, which, set on any setting other than low, is insanely loud and will most likely damage your DS over time!

    The RAM expansion is a decent idea, if there was anything notable that made use of it. The Opera browser for DS is just awful and all the other stuff that utilizes exrea RAM are ports of games you've played 10 years ago, (Quake, Quake II), a rubbish SNES emulator and DSLinux, which I'm sure nobody uses anyway!

    Just but a Supercard DSTWO, it does nearly everything this does, and you can use it on the DSi! I wish someone had told me that last month when I bought this EZ 3in1!

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  5. A welcome addition to your Slot 2.

    Posted by RupeeClock on 11th Apr 2010

    If you want to add GBA games to your DS library, then you want to pick up one of these.
    One of the best bits? This is a great way to play GBA romhacks on your DS Lite!

    All flashcarts can use this with a tool called GBA EXPloader, but some flashcarts like the CycloDS Evolution or the Acekard 2i have native support.

    It sports expansion memory for the DS Lite web-browser, and for your homebrew too. Although for some reason, Moonshell never detected my 3in1...

    The added rumble feature is also nice, great for when you play games like Space Invaders Extreme, or Bomberman 2.

    With time, my unit seems to be malfunctioning slightly though, I can't seem to do much with GBA EXPloader, but my Acekard 2i can do all the PSRAM/NOR flashing I need.

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